1. GunZ the Duel 2
    GunZ 2GunZ 2 is the official sequel of GunZ the Duel, which is played by over 19 million global users. It is action shooting game in third person view that focus on K-Style, wall climbing, and interactive boss battle.
  2. RaiderZ
    RaiderZRaiderZ is non-targeting MMORPG. Players can enjoy extreme battles with epic monsters at open field with other users or meet Artisans to create items, and create characters without limitation of classes.
  3. GunZ the Duel
    GunZ GunZ is an action game with a very unique feel accompanied with MAIET's imagination and technologie. Developed under a basic concept of 'Realization of such stylish actions one would find in movies in online action game', this game is constantly gaining gamers' interests for its unique game play.