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Stylish Action

Unique acrobatic action of GunZ has evolved. The limitation of mobility that existed in the previous series has been reinforced, and now the acrobatic action of GunZ 2 will let you jump and run on walls to explore any where you'd like to go.

Diverse Characters/Skills

Characters in GunZ 2 no longer have gender classification. Instead, veriety of characters with unique abilities wil let you create your own stylish action by combining unique skills and weapons.

Dynamic Battlefields

Fixed objects such as walls are no obstacles for GunZ 2 players. Jump over the walls in creative ways to storm your enemies from the most unexpected route or use various destructible objects to set up traps.


Continent of Astra, 1863 AD. During the war between the Axium Empire and Republic of Trivia, Mankind makes one of the greatest discoveries of its history, Optimite. At the same time, Adam Corp, a supranational mega corporation was founded with its basis in energy industry. Adam Corp rapidly expanded with its enormous capital and became the third power of the world along with the empire and republic. Adam Corp is a group of brutal capitalists who do not hesitate victimize anyone who stands in their way. The bigger they have become, the more devastated the public have become. To stand against the super villain, people of Astra have formed a vigilante group called Guardian Sans Frontier, the GSF.

1970 AD, Today. After the cold war, Adam Corp has completed their armament expansion and began manufacturing combat robots, which was prohibited by the international law. GSF quickly picked up the intel and dispatched their agents to an island in the republic where the core facilities of Adam Corp’s military factories are located. Hence begins the battle of GSF to cease Adam Corp’s bold ambition to take over the world.


Silent Avenger Gunslinger Shield Trooper Shadow Dancer Strider Rocket Trooper

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